We post new content on a regular basis highlighting grassroots leaders and their work and announcing upcoming gatherings, funding rounds, and opportunities for training and support. Read more about what's happening in the LGBTQSouth.

Webinar: Funding for Grassroots Change


We are humbled to partner with the Astraea Lesbian Foundation for Justice, Out in the South Initiative, Fund for Trans Generations, Third Wave Fund, and Trans Justice Funding Project to host the upcoming webinar, “Funding for Grassroots Change,” on Tuesday July 11, 6:30-8PM Eastern / 5:30-7PM Central. Some of the most visionary work in the South is often…

Webinar: LGBTQ in the South – Telling Your Story with Data


Data can be a powerful storytelling tool, yet historically there has been a lack of reliable statistics about LGBTQ Southerners. Thanks to the Williams Institute, that’s changing. We now have a growing body of data telling an important and multi-layered story about LGBTQ Southerners – that ⅓ of all LGBTQ people in our country live…

Trans Leadership Initiative: Interview with L.B. Bell


By Britney Nesbit, Hometown Organizing Project Coordinator Mississippi native, L.B. Bell, is an advocate for LGBT inclusivity in his community and across the South. He is committed to creating safer spaces in his community by resisting discriminatory, anti-LGBT laws like Mississippi’s House Bill 1523. L.B.is a father, husband, farmer, physician and founder of The Black…

Applying for 501c3 Status – Feb 21, 2017 Webinar


When it comes to seeking funding, 0ne of the most common barriers grassroots leaders face is the lack of nonprofit status. Most foundations supporting LGBTQ work in the South require that groups have 501c3 status or a fiscal sponsor. Having 501c3 status isn’t necessarily the end-all-be-all for many grassroots groups, neither is it the best vehicle for…

CSE at Creating Change


While millions were marching on Saturday, including some CSE team members in Greenville, Asheville and Charlotte, a small cohort of us were at Philadelphia at Creating Change, engaged in lively discussion with folks from across the country about radical redistribution of resources in the South. Especially in the difficult times that lay ahead, it is our…

The Southern Equality Fund: A Year in Review


By Chloe Stuber, Hometown Organizing Project Director We’re just two years into giving away a modest percentage of our budget to support grassroots work, and the impact is incredible. The Southern Equality Fund, launched in 2015, is a micro-granting project that invests in grassroots leadership in isolated and underresourced areas – with no strings attached.…

Trans Leadership Initiative: Interview with Fletcher Page


CSE Community Organizer Britney Nesbit interviewed Fletcher Page, Assistant Director of the Gender Benders (GBs) and member of CSE’s Trans Leadership Initiative.  Fletcher Page is a 24-year-old Trans man living in Greenville, South Carolina where he was born and raised. Fletcher has served as Assistant Director of the Gender Benders (GBs) for the past three years. This volunteer…

Train the Trainers


Eighteen grassroots organizers and professionals – the majority of them identifying as trans or gender non-conforming – joined together over the weekend of December 2-4 to workshop their own trainings on trans issues. The gathering of Southern LGBTQ activists, which came to be known as  “Train the Trainer”, was hosted by the GenderBenders in collaboration with Campaign…

Taking Charge in the South: An Interview with Daroneshia Duncan


By Britney Nesbit, Community Organizer/Tzedek Social Justice Fellow, Campaign for Southern Equality As a self-identified female illusionist, pageant expert, HIV treatment and prevention specialist, Daroneshia Duncan is a one-of-a-kind southern force to be reckoned with. After experiencing a wide range of barriers on her path to coming into her own, she wanted to create a place…

WNCCHS and Campaign for Southern Equality Launch GOTV Initiative


“We had tremendous support from volunteers who have been registering voters at WNCCHS since August. The natural followup to registering so many voters is to make it easy for them to get to the polls for early voting.”

OUT in the High Country


I traveled to the conference in my role as Hometown Organizing Project Director with the Campaign for Southern Equality, one of the conference sponsors.

Supporting Southern Trans Organizers


More than 500,000 trans individuals live across the South, more than ⅓ of the total trans population in our country, according recently issued data from the Williams Institute.

Funding the Future of Queer Youth in NC


Last month, CSE awarded $3,350 to nine groups and individuals working to support Queer youth across NC.

Funding for Orlando


The horrific attack that took place in Orlando on Latin Night at Pulse — when 49 individuals, primarily LGBTQ Latinx, were killed — weighs heavily on our hearts.

$2800 Awarded to LGBTQ Organizers Through the Southern Equality Fund


During the 2016 LGBT* in the South conference, the fifth round of the Southern Equality Fund granted $2,800 to support 8 unique projects across five different Southern states.